The Scouts early years pilot programme for four and five year old’s was announced in November 2018.
The pilots are about exploring how younger children can benefit from the Scout programme to improve their confidence, problem solving skills, emotional resilience and communication skills – skills for life.
Our Scout group was picked to be a part of this limited pilot (20 groups in the country), to explore how we can run Hedgehogs within Sheffield and specifically our local area. We are looking at launching this Autumn and invite you to be a part of helping us shape the pilot.
Following an assessment of need in Sheffield, and a push from us to deliver to more young people in our area, a second group (Stradbroke) will also set up a Hedgehogs sections. We will explore how Hedgehogs could run within a district – we are the only district in England that will have more than one group piloting Hedgehogs.


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